Test procedures / Quality control

- viscosity
- pH value
- spec. weight
- geltime
- other specifications
compiled with the supplier

Raw paper
- gsm substance
- air permeability
- penetration
- customer release
- new prints agreed with
the customer

Process data for the
impregnation process

(operating regulations)

- temperatures according
to zones
- speed
- tensile strength
- dosing gap
- reel tension

Finished product

- final weight
- residual humidity
- adhesion test
- completeness
- Taber test
- reactivity test

Transport logistics
to the customer

- Packaging specifications
- Shipping specifications
- LC/ document processing

Also: quality agreements / test certificates with our customers

Specific tests and quality control procedures during the indicvidual process phases ensure the constant high standard of the finished product. This also reduces the process reject volume to a minimum.