Order processing

Cooperation with our customers starts with a joint analysis of needs and problems and our service does not end with delivery but we also assist our customers with optimisation of the press and processing parameters. Continuous support is our company policy.

Our computer-assisted order processing system does not only offer more efficient and faster processing internally but is also a considerable advantage for our customers.


Hans Schmid ERP-system

Advantages for the customer

Exemplary evaluations and messages
- raw paper (minimum) stocks (also customer-owned paper)
- early raw material order as recommended by the system
- customer-specific order stocks
- customer-specific finished material stocks
- capacity overviews and capacity reserves
- log of production data and parameters
- sufficient capacity reserves for customer bottle necks

- optimum paper or material availability
- guaranteed delivery times
- easier production planning for the customer
- optimised transport with max. use


An ERP system that is specially adapted to our needs also ensures optimum support for our customers. The result is guaranteed deadlines and absolute transparency for all questions concerning capacity, stock, consumption, deadlines, etc.

Orders, enquiries, information requests
(internal and external)
Evaluations, lists, shipping documents
(internal and external)
- By phone / verbally
- E-mail, fax, letter, etc.
Lists, diagrams,
overviews ...
via E-mail, fax, etc.
EDP lists in standardised
formats, i.e. for orders*
Automated services, such as
order confirmations,
delivery notes, etc. via e-mail*
Internet portal for customer-
specific lists (e.g. raw paper
consumption, finished
products stocks, etc.)*
Customer-specific lists
taking into account
evaluation periods, etc.*
*: under construction
Our ERP system is the heart and soul of our order processing method.

In addition to regular enquiries and services, we are currently establishing standardised interfaces as well as an internet access to our ERP system for our customers.

ERP internet information system for our customers: